MAISON D'HÔTES & wines                                                                 SAINT-EMILION

In the heart of the Bordeaux region, on the Road of Saint-Emilion, dominating the valley in thousand aromas, raises himself a Girondine in vineyards, wine growers' former House: la Pignarderie

Inspired by vineyards as far as the eye can see, we imagined a perfect place, away from the tumult, a harmonious break in a case of Greenery, blending the materials noble and natural

as the stone floors of Gironde,the lime in the former, the parquets of time, in colors, fabrics and of furniture classic, contemporary and design, dotted with paintings by contemporary Artists.

Place tuned to the unspeakable, we dedicated it to the well-being, to the care of relaxation and beauty to offer you the plenitude of the senses, the rest of bodies, the blooming of the "one".

  Charm, elegance and relaxation await you in  la Pignarderiehome Wines Villa which we shaped and thought for your greatest well-being.


"If life in this world is a big dream, why spoil it by giving trouble." Li Po






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